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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Delicious Gluten Free Desserts for Spring

Delicious Gluten-Free Desserts for Spring

Come on, wake up those taste buds and get yourself ready for spring. The winter blues are over and it’s time to get your body geared up for more time spent outside and running around with the kids. With flowers popping up everywhere and trees blossoming into beautiful whites and pinks, it’s impossible to not get up and jump around with joy for the added amount of sunshine. So make sure you're getting your fill of energy boosts with great meals, and of course wonderful, gluten-free desserts to satisfy that sweet tooth and the ever-growing appetites of your kids.

Pretty much anyone, or at least almost anyone, loves chocolate. So, when wanting to whip up a delectable and delightful dessert without any gluten, chocolate is your surefire ingredient. You can find several chocolate-based recipes on the Gluten-Free Goddess Blog with chocolate chip cookies, double chocolate cookies, chocolate chip and zucchini brownies and nirvana bars being favorites for the spring season. I also found a recipe for Gluten-Free Chocolate Whoopie Pies & Marshmallow Cream that is to die for and sure to put huge grins on your little faces. 

If chocolate isn't your thing, or you're in to mood for something lighter and fresher, go down the fruit route. The Gluten-Free Goddess lists recipes for several cakes that incorporate fruit, such as her Blueberry Crumble Cake, Lemon Yogurt Cake and Sweet Banana Polenta Cake. Although choosing to make something with fruit can be a healthier option, be careful, as several of these recipes call for higher amounts of sugar. You don’t want to overload yourself or your kids with any kind of sweetener, like a nutritionist or a nurse who attended one of the best nursing schools would tell you.

As any vegan baker knows, vegetables are always a great ingredient for making yummy and moist desserts. Carrots are a particular favorite and fantastic for vegan recipes because they have a higher amount of natural sugars than many other vegetables. Use carrots for a tropical and exotic coconut carrot cake or try something different and go for carrot quinoa bars that work well as either a snack or dessert. 

Some vegan recipes don't necessarily cater to the tastes of younger kids whose palettes are not yet seasoned, but you can find tasty recipes for sharing with friends over coffee or taking to a potluck night with your girls. Anise biscotti and coffee biscuits are in the repertoire of the Gluten Free Goddess, and great for dipping into a strong espresso or well-spiced chai on a sunny afternoon. Cashew Meringues & Black Cherry Jam are also more suitable for those with sophisticated taste buds, but a great way to show off your baking skills, like ones you could earn from an online cooking school

Monday, March 12, 2012

Pink Zebra Sprinkles Review

Pink Zebra consultant Jennifer Morgan was nice enough to send me some Sprinkle samples to try out. I received Summer Berry Medley and Amaretto Cream.I mixed the two scents together and it made a delicious Strawberry Shortcake scent.
 I also received fig and cardamom.OMG! This scent is amazing!!
They also have other items besides the Sprinkles that I sampled.
Here are a few -
  • Dish Soap 17 oz - $12

  • Hand Lotion 16 oz - $12

  • Hand Soap 16 oz - $12

  • Jar candle 17 oz - $18

  • Reed Diffuser 3.75 oz - $18

  • Sprinkles 3.75 oz - $8

  • You can contact Jennifer to place your order or you can order online
    Jennifer Morgan
    Pink Zebra Independent Consultant
    She can also be found on Facebook

    Saturday, February 18, 2012

    Monday, February 6, 2012

    Free Schick Hydro Razor

    I received five invites for friends to receive a razor for free.The first five people to Click Here will score a free Schick Hydro Razor.
    I received mine in the mail the other day,and it is AWESOME!