Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Instanatural Cellulite Cream Review

Product Description:

InstaNatural's Cellulite Cream is a powerful solution that tightens and tones the skin so you can achieve a smooth, supple appearance.

Key Ingredients:
+ Caffeine
+ Retinol
+ Cocoa Butter
+ Shea Butter
+ Vitamin C
+ Vitamin B5

Our superior blend of ingredients - such as Caffeine and Retinol - deeply nourishes the skin to decrease the appearance of cellulite and dimples. Caffeine tones and tightens, while Retinol repairs and restores, so you can obtain long-lasting results for a firm and supple appearance.

I've been using the cellulite cream since I received it to review. It goes on smooth and doesn't leave a greasy feeling on my skin like other products have in the past. I've noticed that my dimply legs look so much smoother sine using the Instanatural Cellulite Cream. I will continue to use it because I have really noticed a difference.

You can buy Instanatural Cellulite cream here.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lemon Oil - 100% Pure & Natural Essential Oil

Product Description:

PREMIUM QUALITY LEMON ESSENTIAL OIL - 100% Pure Oil No Fillers or Additives - Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil (Citrus limonum)

FRESHNER – Has a natural, refreshing and upliftingscent that clears the mind and used for aromatherapy. Perfect for air freshener and freshening up clothes.

MULTI-BENEFIT INGREDIENT - Add drops of lemon oil in your water for aid with digestion, to boost weight-loss efforts, and to boost your mood and metabolism.

HEALTHY LIFESTYLE - Our premium lemon oil is naturally a detox, antiseptic and disinfectant. Our pure lemon oil has the ability to help clear the skin, treat stress disorders, fever, infections, asthma, obesity, insomnia, skin disorders, hair conditions, stomach problems and tiredness. Used by Aromatherapists to treat anxiety. Good immune system booster, helps aid in digestion, and can help detoxify and purify the liver.

CLEANER – A naturally good cleanser of the body. Also a disinfectant, ideal for cleaning metal surfaces, dishes, and clothes. Perfect for polishing leather, jewellery and wood furniture. Perfect Non-toxic and natural cleaning alternative for household use.

My Review:
The very first thing I did when I received the lemon essential oil is open the bottle and smell it. OMG! It smells wonderful. I read the label,and saw that it can be used as an odor neutralizer. I immediately poured some of the essential oil in a bottle with reed diffusors. I have noticed that the stale smell smoke has diminished. I will be using the lemon essential oil until it's gone,and will be purchasing more. You can buy your own bottle here.

Liztek PSS-100 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Built in Speakerphone Review

Product Description:

Liztek PSS-100 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Built in Speakerphone, 8 Hour Rechargeable Battery (Black). In Stock.
Ships from and sold by Oximeter Superstore.

New Bluetooth v3.0 Technology allows you to Connect wirelessly up to 33 feet away. Seamlessly stream and share music, movies, games, phone and conference calls anywhere.
Premium Sound with Bass Enhance Technology. Two powerful 40mm Drivers deliver crisp clean sound with deep bass
Built-in Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery for up to 10 hours of playtime. Built-in microphone for hands-free speaker phone calling Easy to pair - No code/pin needed
3.5mm Audio Line In - Don't have Bluetooth? The PSS-100 allows you to connect the speaker directly to a standard headphone jack.

Liztek PSS-100 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Bluetooth 3.0 and Bass Enhanced Technology delivers a premium deep and rich sound in a portable size package. Connect wirelessly smartphone, iPad and other Bluetooth enabled devices up to 33 feet away while enjoying High Definition quality sound with 10 hours of continuous playtime, plus hands free phone and conference calls with built-in microphone. Black

Features include two 40mm drivers for crisp clean sound, 12 Watts of power with large speaker cavity to fill any room with rich audio. Auto Reconnect to last device. Easy access buttons for Play & Pause/ Next Track/ Previous Track/ Volume Up/ Volume Down/ Call Answering, plus built-in rechargeable battery that fully charges via USB within 4 hours. 12.8 ounces, 6.5 x 1.5 x 2.4 inches, this light and compact footprint makes this a portable powerhouse.

For devices without Bluetooth, built-in 3.5mm Audio Line-In connects the speaker directly to a standard headphone jack. The speaker also gives audible commands when the devices are connected and when the battery is low.

Universal compatibility with Android, iPhone, iPad, tablets, smartphones, and other Bluetooth devices. Turn up both phone and speaker for max sound.
Perfect for Bedroom, Living room, Kitchen, Basement, Patio, Boat, Car, RV, Home Entertainment Center, Parties, and Outdoor Use.

My Review:
This is a heavy duty speaker. I love the fact that it has commands when the battery is running low. I cannot believe how loud this speaker is! It is the best wireless bluetooth speaker I have come across,and I HIGHLY recommend it!
You can buy the Liztek PSS-100 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Built in Speakerphone here.

YALMEH Glorify Vitamin C Moisturizing Lotion Net, 15g ☆Face Cream☆ Review

Product Description:

★ Yalmeh Glorify Vitamin C Moisturizing Lotion is a powerful antioxidant. It protects and prevents of the formation of free radicals in sun exposed skin. Lightens spots, discoloration, refines skin texture and reduces wrinkle formation as well as existing wrinkles. Vitamin C is rapidly gaining popularity in skin care. It is appears to be just as effective as ascorbic acid in the stimulation of collagen production.
★ Vitamin E helps skin look younger by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant. It also helps protect skin from harmful free radicals in the environment.
★! SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICING! ★ on YALMEH Glorify Vitamin C Moisturizing Lotion ...REG. $75.95 On SALE NOW for $17.95...SPECIAL AMAZON INTRODUCTORY LAUNCH PRICING ★LUXURIOUS FEEL AND RESULTS WITH VITAMIN C LOTION: The Vitamin C lotion has an advanced formula for the delicate skin to reverse the signs of aging. It is soft and feels soothing when you put it on your face. In fact, some have described the feeling as luxurious. It is not greasy. Formulated for Quick Absorption. Vitamin C has proven to be an essential ingredient in restorative skin care.

My Review:
I started using the lotion the day after I received it in the mail. I first noticed how smooth it made my skin. After about a week of using the lotion I noticed that my fine lines are disappearing. I will continue using the lotion because it is working!
You can buy the Yalmeh Glorify Vitamin C Lotion here.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

100% Plant Based Konjac Sponge Infused with French Red Clay Review

Product Description:

100% NATURAL, ECO-FRIENDLY and BIODEGRADEABLE - We painstakingly evaluated countless Konjac sponges on the market before putting our reputation behind this beauty. Our Konjac fiber is grown on the pristine volcanic plains of Jeju Island in South Korea, free from chemicals, pollution and irritants. The sponge hydrates quickly, and lasts longer with proper care than others we tested.

"MIRACLE SPONGE" FOR YOUR DAILY BEAUTY REGIME - No other beauty sponge will work so hard for you! This luxuriously soft sponge gently exfoliates, cleanses, and is naturally pH balanced.

LUXURIOUSLY GENTLE EXFOLIATION FOR DAILY USE - Soft enough for a baby's skin while still providing effective exfoliation. Relaxing and gentle for daily use even on the most sensitive skin. Say goodbye to the irritation caused by harsher exfoliating methods and expensive electronic gadgets. You don't even need to use a face cleanser, unless you want to. Fantastic for battling blackheads and breakouts!

NEW IMPROVED TEARDROP SHAPE - FOR FACE AND BODY - New ergonomically designed teardrop shape fits comfortably in the palm of your hand while the soft rounded point allows you to gently exfoliate sensitive hard to reach areas around your eyes. Ideal shape for the contours of your face but still large enough for your body. You'll love using it in the shower or by the mirror!

Be confident in knowing your new Beauty Sponge is:

-Free From Chemicals, Pollution and Irritants
-100% Biodegradable and Sustainable (You can even plant it in your flowerbed or compost when you want to retire it)
-Not Tested on Animals, and Vegan Friendly
-Has NO Added Dyes or Colorants

This sponge is awesome. Before you wet it the sponge is a bit hard. Once you wet it,it becomes soft. It is extremely soft. It felt like there was cleanser on it when there wasn't. I've been using it ever since I received it to review and I love it!

You can buy this awesome sponge here.

You can also heck out all of the great products by visiting the Oleavine website here.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Dead Sea Mud Mask Review

Product Description:

Dead Sea Mud Mask is an all-natural detoxifier and purifier that comes from the renowned and sacred Dead Sea. More than a million visitors each year flock to this extraordinary body of water in the Mediterranean, which contains many minerals beneficial to the skin, such as magnesium, sodium, bromine, potassium and calcium.

Once applied, this mud mask treatment starts working to absorb excess oil, dirt and toxins from the skin. It is great to expunge acne, pimples and blackheads. It also helps to restore an even skin tone for a smoother complexion. When used as a body treatment, the mud mask can soothe and relieve muscles aches and pains.

Whether used on the face or the body, our Dead Sea Mud Mask is a superb in-home spa treatment that will reveal more vibrant, refined, healthier skin.

My Review:

I've never used a mud mask before so I was stoked to be a part of this review. I opened the container and couldn't believe that it was actual mud! It didn't have a smell to it. I immediately applied it to my face,followed the directions and then washed it off when it dried. After washing it off I could feel how soft my skin was. My face felt so refreshed! I will be using this mud mask from now on.

Dr. Hana's Nasopure Nasal Wash System Review

Product Description:

Since 2001, we've been committed to keeping the world healthy one nose at a time. Through our comfortable, efficient design and carefully crafted salt mixture, our nasal wash systems have helped tens of thousands maintain nasal and sinus health naturally.

Dr. Hana's Nasopure® Nasal Wash System allows for a neutral head and neck position while washing and easy control of pressure and solution flow. The FDA registered, patented, and proven nasal saline wash solution contains pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate and comes in convenient packages for a quick and easy wash. Nasopure is 100% natural - no other additives, perfumes or ingredients. The bottle is BPA free and dishwasher safe, too! (Made in Kansas City, MO and assembled by adults with disabilities)

Common health problems that can be helped by nasal washing include:
Allergies Post nasal drip
Nasal congestion Asthma
Sinus issues Snoring
Ear dysfunction Decreased sense of smell/taste
Sore throat Exposure to pollution

My Review:
I suffer from sinus issues,so I was thrilled to review the Dr. Hana's Nasopure Nasal Wash Sytstem. I've used the Netipot for years,and love it.
With Dr.Hana's Nasopure Nasal Wash I didn't have to tilt my head in order for it to rinse my sinuses. I simply squeezed the bottle and it flushed right from one nostril out the other. The first time I used it I used two packets of the buffered salt packets. I DO NOT recommend starting out with two. It burned so bad! The burning only lasted a few mins though. After the first use,I used one packet at a time. It didn't burn at all,and the sinus pressure in my head went away. I will continue using the Nasopure Nasal Wash System because it works!

LeashLocket Review

Product Description:

LeashLocket is a retractable leash in a locket that dogs conveniently carry right on their existing collars or harnesses when you want your hands free while out with your dog. This means LeashLocket is always close at hand whenever you’re with your dog. There’s no struggling to catch your pet in unpredictable or dangerous situations and clip on a leash, because LeashLocket is right there on the collar or harness, ready to grab and go when you need it. If LeashLocket is on your dog’s collar, you can’t lose it or leave it behind, and your dog gets to carry the leash for a change!

Manufacturer Details
Dog owners who like the idea of a hands-free leash for dogs will love the LeashLocket retractable dog leash in the small size weighs just under 3-ounce (72.3 grams). It securely holds dogs up to 55 pounds (in independent testing, the small LeashLocket withstood a pull force of up to 135 pounds) and extends to nearly 6 feet. Ounce for ounce it is the strongest retractable leash on the market that magnetically attaches to your dog’s collar. The LeashLocket comes complete with a collar attachment for your dog’s existing collar or harness (5/8" to 1"). The collar attachment consists of an elastic band embedded with a magnetized metal rivet. Before using LeashLocket for the first time, remove the collar attachment from the packaging and simply snap it around your dog’s collar or harness with the rivet facing outward. Use LeashLocket as you would any retractable leash. Then, when you want your dog to carry the leash, just retract the webbing into the locket and press the brake lock. The LeashLocket is fitted with a magnet on the reverse side designed to snap to the magnetized rivet on the collar attachment that is already on your dog’s collar. Just snap the back of the leash to the rivet – your LeashLocket stays securely in place on your dog’s collar or harness; ready to grab-and-go when you need it. Dog owners can accessorize their LeashLocket with our optional wrist strap included with every LeashLocket. The wrist strap attaches to the D ring on the ergonomic locket and you simply slip your hand through the strap to let LeashLocket hang from your wrist, making clean-ups easy and providing added security as well. LeashLocket also offers helpful and reasonably-priced accessories that can be ordered separately. Dog owners who use their LeashLocket with more than one collar or harness find it useful to have extra collar attachments. The collar attachments and the wrist straps are available on the accessories page of the website.

My review:

I was given the opportunity to review the Leash Locket. I liked that I was able to attach the Leash Locket to my dog's current collar. I also like how the leash is kept on the dog. There's a magnet that it attaches too.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

BodyMerry 2.5% Retinol Moisturizer Review

Product Description:

Retinol has time and again proven itself to be a potent youth reviving ingredient. Body Merry's Retinol Surge Moisturizer combines the power of 2.5% Retinol with a bunch of soothing natural antioxidants that work together to visibly reduce the signs of aging. Plant Derived Hyaluronic Acid hydrates and nourishes your skin. This unique formulation not only helps to provide a flawless tone and texture, but also leaves your skin feeling and looking smoother, plumper and younger.

The formula does not contain any harsh chemicals such as Parabens, Sulphates or Phthalates. The moisturizer is made in the USA in an FDA registered and GMP compliant facility. It is not tested on animals.

My review:

I started using the moisturizer the morning after I received it to review. I can't believe how soft is has made my skin. I've been using it on my face,neck and hands. In the winter I get very dry skin. The Body Merry moisturizer has helped soften my alligator hands!

You can buy the moisturizer here.

Dot&Dot Multi Purpose bags review

Product Description:

Choose from X-Small, Small, Medium, or Large
X-Small - 7.5 x 3.5 x 1 in
Small - 8 x 6 x 1 in
Medium - 10 x 8 x 1 in
Large - 14 x 10 x 1 in

* Waterproof mesh allows you to easily contents while protecting the contents from dirt or other elements
* Easily open and close the zipper using the heavy duty zipper puller. Each bag includes a clip to securely attach your bag to handles.
* These multipurpose bags can be used as travel packing bags, for the office, in school, at home and more.

Clear Clutter Out of Your Life
Frees yourself from clutter and reduce stress.
Perfect for organizing your stuff at home, school, office or even while traveling!

Find Your Stuff in a Flash
Easily identify the contents of your bag with the see-through mesh.
Saves you from embarrassment during airport security checks.

Store More, Organize More
Unlike other flat organizers, Dot&Dot travel accessories organizer is 1" deep, allowing you
to place more of your belongings.

Protects Your Belongings
Waterproof mesh protects your belongings from accidental spills and dirt transfer.

The Only Packing Bags That You'll Ever Need
Made of high quality materials, Dot&Dot organizers will last a lifetime of travel and adventure.
Save your money from low quality organizers that just don't work or get damaged after few uses.

I love the fact that the bags are waterproof. They would be great to take to the pool or beach without getting your belongings wet. I couldn't believe how much actually fit in the bag!

You can buy these awesome bags here.

MIRA Insulated Bottle for Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate Review

Product Description:

PERFECT FOR HOT OR COLD DRINKS: High-quality double wall stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottle from MIRA Brands.
ALL STAINLESS STEEL INTERIOR: The interior of the bottle is all stainless steel. This bottle is free of BPA and Phthalates, and is made with food-grade, 18/8 stainless steel.

COMPACT SIZE: 11 ounce capacity is perfect for staying hydrated while behind a desk at work, at school or spending time outdoors.
HIGH QUALITY: High quality construction that should give you years of use. Easy to clean, fill, and drink from. Even filled with ice, the bottle will not sweat.

ATTRACTIVE COLOR: Bright white color is great for kids and adults of all ages

My Review:
I was given the opportunity to review the Mira insulated bottle for coffee,tea and hot chocolate.
I have found that it is great for hot and cold drinks. I have a coffee addiction,so this bottle was great! It kept my coffee hot for hours!
I also put ice water in it. After a couple hours I noticed that the ice cubes still hadn't melted. This would be an awesome bottle to use for hiking,walking,etc.. as it keeps your drinks hot or cold. (whichever you prefer)

You can buy the Mira insulated bottle here.