Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So Excited!!! I was chosen to be part of the Coffee-Mate Brew Crew

Not only am I addicted to coffee,but I am also hooked on the Coffee-Mate creamer that I put in my coffee!!!!

What is the Coffee-Mate Brew Crew you ask?

The COFFEE-MATE Brew Crew is a group of influential adults who use COFFEE-MATE to enhance and personalize their coffee experience. Brew Crew members participate in fun online activities, get the freshest info on exciting new COFFEE-MATE flavors and products, and share their love for COFFEE-MATE with family, friends, and co-workers. As a member of the Brew Crew community, you are an advocate of the COFFEE-MATE brand and have the opportunity to share your opinions on COFFEE-MATE products, promotions and marketing programs.

What members of the COFFEE-MATE Brew Crew Do
•Help spread the word about COFFEE-MATE by hosting creative sampling events and completing other online and offline activities to support COFFEE-MATE marketing initiatives.
•Tell Nestle what they think about the COFFEE-MATE brand and its marketing programs
•Interact with a community of adults who share an appreciation for the many flavors and velvety taste of COFFEE-MATE

I can't wait to share my opinion about their newest products as well as share some goodies with all of you!


Valerie @ My-2-cents said...

Oh, email me and let me know how I can join too. I am sitting here drinking a cup of coffee with Coffee Mate French Vanilla as we speak! :-D
Valerie @ My-2-Cents

My_2_cents at hotmail dot com

Valerie @ My-2-cents said...

Oh I almost forgot, I am a new follower via GFC and Networked blogs. I would love it if you would visit my blog and follow me back at Valerie @ My-2-Cents

Thank you
Have a blessed week!

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